Rename the Accept button for estimates

The accept button - any way i can edit this? ie change it to: ACCEPT & BOOK


I managed to do this on a test account using a little CSS trickery.

Here’s the CSS I used:

#imgAcceptEstimate:after {
    content: " & Book";

This was added to the client area CSS template, it’s a tool available for Power User subscriptions. If you have a Power User subscription I will happily set that up for you.

Hi, i have now lol - that would be great if you could: ACCEPT & BOOK

Not sure how to do it - dont want to do anything wrong and mess it up

Please note - you need a Power User Subscription to do this

If @Glenn hasn’t already changed it for you, go to:
Account Settings > Design Customisation

Select the ‘Advanced Customisation’ link:

Select Client Area CSS on the left:

Enter the code from Glenn’s post above, into the text box, and click save:

Ta-da :smile:

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Is it your account ending in …429? I see you now have a Power User sub for this account, just let me know and I will go update it for you, if you haven’t done so already.

Hi Glenn - all done many thanks :slight_smile:

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