Renaming of documents in Chrome

Small issue…
I noticed that when I try to rename a document from the document manager list, the cursor defaults to the end of the current name. When I move the cursor again I can type one character before the cursor moves again.

I am using Chrome 64 bit.

I’ve logged this for further review. I think we should have some update here in a few days.

This also seems to happen everywhere else where there’s an ‘in-line’ edit.

It’s due to the JS plugin we use for inline entry. I know a developer was looking at this yesterday and the area you mentioned was fixed. This changes probably won’t go live for a week or two though. For now please just mention the areas where you are seeing this and I’ll refer the details.

This problem has now been fixed on the Document Management area (file name change). Please let me know if this occurs elsewhere in the application.

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