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Renewal Price - Why am I being asked to buy Yodlee bank feeds?


I am confused as to our renewal price, without explanation its increased another £15 for Yodlee bank feeds, is this what we have had as exists? this is a core feature of the system but now I must pay extra for it, what happens if I dont? I appreciate things increase in cost but £54 to £72 is a big increase without proper explanation.

I can see the system is improving, I would like to see it improve further though if we must pay more and more for it, things like optional items in estimates, being able to add a picture to an estimate.

Enhancing the customer login area so that we can save documents and price lists and maybe adverts promoting new things and special offers exclusive to existing customers would be nice…


Hi @blueberry

The Yodlee feeds are optional and are not compulsory. It’s just one of the subscriptions that is available.

Regarding your suggestions - we actively read, respond to and monitor feature requests on the forums. You’re welcome to start a new topic for each request, and we’ll happily take a look into these if there’s enough interest from the QuickFile community.


You havent answered my questions, this is where I think your not explaining things in order for us to spend money!

Can you clarify if I do not pay for that will all the bank and card feeds we already have disappear or is Yodlee something seperate?


Apologies if my answer wasn’t clear. It’s certainly not our intention to hide details with the intention for you to spend money. I will run through our available feeds and which ones require the Yodlee subscription, and which ones do not.

In short - Yodlee is a separate subscription from any other subscriptions and is optional and not required to use your QuickFile account. It does come with the added benefit of providing a bank feed, which in some cases is automated.

This depends. We offer 5 types of bank feeds, so depending on what you use, depends if they will stop or not.

  1. QuickFile Barclays Feed: This is the automated Barclays feed which was available to older accounts (although no longer available for new accounts). This does not require a subscription. If you have this in place already, not purchasing the Yodlee subscription will not prevent this from running.

  2. Chrome plugin: This is the downloadable plug in for the Google Chrome browser. This is a manual import process, but does not require a Yodlee subscription.

  3. PayPal Feed: This is the built in feed that runs within your account. This does not require the Yodlee subscription.

  4. Stripe Feed: This is the new built in feed for Stripe accounts that runs within your account. This does not require the Yodlee Subscription.

  5. Yodlee Feeds: If you have a bank feed for any other bank or service, excluding those listed above, that is automated or can be run by selecting “Manually Refresh Feed” within your bank statement view on QuickFile, this is powered by Yodlee and does require the subscription. If you do not already have this subscription on your account but do have bank feeds, then it’s likely you’re using on the above free feeds, and not Yodlee.

I hope that helps, but please let me know if you have any further questions.


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