Repayment plans gocardless

A client of mine has had financial troubles and was unable to pay maybe 20 invoices, now he wants to setup a payment plan, x amount per week to pay those old invoices off - currently he setup with gocardless and thats the primary method of taking payment from him,

How can I setup a recurring payment to build up his credit in gocardless so then I can allocate the credit to the outstanding invoices

I’m posting this again, I posted it 4 years ago but there wasn’t a solution before hopefully QuickFile has improved

You can’t do that within QF. I haven’t explored the native GC functionality but I think you may be able to set up a DD there which wouldn’t be directly associated with a specific QF invoice

Yeah but problem is, is getting those 22 odd payments (my case) into QuickFile

When all I need is to setup a recurring gocardless payment in the clients account

The goCardless interface doesn’t support payments by installment. You have two options:
1 Raise the DDs indpenendently of QF and treat the incoming payments like any other bank transfer on your statement.
2. Delete or credit the old invoices and raise new ones within QF

As you seem to have a issue with tagging bank transfers then you will need to use option two.

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