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Continuing the discussion from Couple of grammar issues in the log:

Just a general grammar issue this time, in the purchases screen when paying a purchase a message pops up and says something along the lines of;

Purchase xxxxx is now fully Paid up

Paid up doesn’t need the capital P.

Also noticed in the log;

A credit of GBP 12.34 was allocated to the account of Acme Co

I would have expected the GBP 12.34 to be in bold as per the other entries, and also possibly the Acme Co?

The company name is normally output as a link. Otherwise I agree with the points made here and have logged this for review.

Doesn’t appear as a link on this entry.

Yep, I was just clarifying that this should be a link rather than bold. I see it’s just plain text at the moment so we’ll have a look.


Log formatting (for future entries) and pop-up message issues resolved. I’ve renamed this thread and will leave it permanently open as a way to report any Spelling/Grammar issues in the future.

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On a related note;

Click Estimates in the Sales menu and the page title is Invoice Management. This should be Estimate/Quotation Management?

Click Sales Inventory in the Sales menu and the Estimates option in the menu then changes to Quotation. Obviously in my case Quotations is what I have configured in the invoice designer to overwrite Estimates but I would assume this menu option is ignoring that and is just inadvertently differently hardcoded somewhere?

I was initially looking at the header title in the page, I see however that the <title></title> tag is indeed wrong. This likely happened when the page was migrated to MVC.

On the admin side we should be referring to estimates only as “estimates”, a year ago some references were changed to “quotation” and then some changed back again in a moment of indecision. We want to stick to one naming convention and allow any customised naming only to be effective on the actual estimates and client area control panel.

We’ll get both these issues looked at today.


Those issues have now been resolved

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Little typo in the software you might want to know about.

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@tumshie thanks for letting us know. We’ve fixed it up on the code and it will go live on the next release.

Maybe not so much a typo, but miswording

Invoice was issued, and as you can see, it’s been credited too - not quite a draft!

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Logged… we’ll take a look!

Just noticed an inconsistency in the log, the # is missing from some entries.

Changes to purchase QF00513 have been saved manually.
Purchase QF00516 has been created . (also a superfluous space at the end of the phrase preceding the full stop).

Both these should be fixed going forward.

While I was adding a new supplier via the “Supplier Details” screen, I needed to edit the VAT value and set it to zero. I didn’t know if I had to leave the input field empty (“null” field) or set it to zero (0). I hovered over the tool-tip to get some clarity and noticed the following text:

“The VAT rate you enter here will automatically appear on any new purchases. Off course this can be overriden if needed.”

The typo “Off course” should ideally be corrected to “Of course”.
The typo “overriden” should ideally be corrected to “overridden”.

Here’s a screenshot of the minor issue:

Thanks @zeeshan - I’ll pass this to our team to change.

Hi there, just a small typo when viewing Payments associated with a purchase invoice. It currently says:

"This payment is locked as it is associated to a previously submmited VAT Return."

Should be easy to correct the spelling of “submitted”.
URL is ending in: …


Thank you for bringing this to our attention - I’ll make our team aware of this and ask for it to be corrected.

@BIZPROF - Thanks for the report. This should be correct :slight_smile:

In the box that pops up when you save a credit note there is a space missing after the amount.

Credit Note Options
You are about to credit note GBP 1,234.56from the remaining balance...

Related to that, if you highlight the amount in the box pressing - does nothing so you end with a positive figure.

Thanks @Lurch - I’ve logged this with the team :slight_smile: