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Report by Purchase Reference and Invoicing against them


How does one create a report of how much a Purchase Reference has been invoiced please?

Associated question: we often receive Purchase Orders (Purchase References) and invoice against them is there a way to put the Purchase Orders in Quick File and invoice against them?


Hi @svimes

There isn’t a report as such, but you could do an advanced search using the purchase reference. The total in the top right of the invoice list would then reflect your results too. To do this, go to your sales invoices, click Advanced Search, enter the purchase reference and submit.


It’s not possible to record these unfortunately. Although you could create an estimate and attach a PDF copy of the purchase order. Perhaps that would help?


Thanks - I would put this as a requested feature please. Being able to put in POs on the sales side and being able to check the invoiced balance against them and the capacity remaining is key for us.

Also your advanced search suggestion is not good if i have several purchase orders.


We’re more than happy to consider this - would you able to outline what you’re looking for in terms of functionality in a new post in the #feature category please, just so we know more details.

I just wanted to come back to this point. If you have several purchase orders, I’d assume these would have different numbers? Or have I misunderstood what you’re looking for here?


That is correct. My point was that I would want a report of eg

PONumber PO_Description Amount Amoutn_invoiced Amount_remaining

So having to manually search every PO number would not be good functionality


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