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Report Generator

Good morning,

I would like to be able to generate a report for each product category to track the cash generated and to forecast the amortisation period. I would also like to be able to easily generate a report for each client to see how much they spend on our services, how often and what’s the average weekly/monthly/yearly expenditure with us.

Hi @dumitru.timbota

If you are using project tags for the product category then you can run reports through the projects: Projects in QuickFile

You can view the clients and see their invoice/payments if you do a search on the forum there are a few different suggestions on how to create various reports.

hope this helps

Hi Beth,

Thanks for reply.

I never used project tags for the product category. What I use to do was to assign codes for services into Inventory Management list and use the codes to import the service and pricing when generating the invoice. If I would assign projects to each service, How can I retrieve the past sales at this stage?

Moreover, how do I tag an invoice if it contains more than one product/service. I am looking after a way to automate this. I have issued 300+ invoices and I recorded a large number of purchases with a variety of suppliers. In order to be able to run the analytics do I have to tag every sales invoice/purchase? There must be a way to automate this process…Your competitor Zoho is doing that already

Hi @dumitru.timbota

The projects may not be suitable for the products as you can only tag to a whole invoice rather than an invoice line. But you may find that you can get better reporting if you were to assign a project tag to each client.

You can build custom reports which you may also find useful Build a custom report

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