Report on multiple project tags

Is it possible to report and filter on multiple project tags? ie. say a building project has build phases (groundwork, brickwork, roofing etc.) and resources ( labour, materials, plant) you may want to look at your brickwork labour costs for a certain project or your groundwork plant and material costs by a project or even total costs across all projects. Is it possible to tag costs by 1. Project, 2. Build Phase and 3. Resourcce and filter the report accordingly. This feature would make the project costing far more flexible. hope this makes sense


Hi @MikeC

This isn’t something that has come up before that I’m aware of.

We’ll leave this topic open for other community members to comment on. We monitor the feature request threads on these forums for interest from the wider community before looking into it further.

Watch this space!

Ok I’m surprised others wouldn’t find it useful to report across multiple tags. It is one of the major features in Quickbooks, we use all the time.