Report: Segmented report based on staff sales

I would really like to start rewarding staff for their sales. Quickfile tracts who generated invoices. It would be really good if we could report on sales by staff that has created in a segmented manner.

This would also be useful for monitoring performance

Hi @MearTech

Unfortunately, the names of the creator are only there for audit trail purposes and aren’t really tied to an invoice.

The best thing to do is to use project tags, creating one for each sales person. You can generate a profit and loss from these too

That’s a shame as it is going to pose an issue with another issue we are having with quickfile. As we are getting busier estimate management is becoming more of an issue. We are loosing track of estimates and their is a growing list of estimates that need management. Having a reminder to the generator would have been one way to sort this. However thats not going to be viable.

Can you change the feature request to track the creator of the estimate/invoice (wouldn’t de difficult) we can then build an API tool to get us bye.

Project tags may certainly be able to help with the tracking estimates progress too, just updating the project tags as the progress on estimates updates.

Is this a feature you’ve explored or used in QuickFile before?