Report showing Total paid to Supplier?

Hi folks,

I’d like to be able to produce a report that shows the total paid to one or more suppliers in that business year.

Is this possible and how do I go about doing it please?

Thanks in advance

The only way I’m aware of is to go your client list,

Click into the client itself:

Go to: ‘View’ > ‘All Payments’.

From here you can do an advanced search and narrow it down by day. The total will be shown in the top right corner.

I suppose the other way you could do it would be to go straight to the payments page, advanced search on the date and export the data. That way you could play about with it in a spreadsheet.

Hope this helps!

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Another way if you have untagged items is to search from the bank:

When the search has completed, you can see the net total in the top right of the statement.