Report to show client invoices and payments

How do i report for a customer there invoice date and payments date

Hi @pelican

I think the best report for this would be the client statement.

If you view the client you wish to report for, and then View >> Statement. You can customise the date and items to be shown, including invoices being issued and payments received.

Hope this helps.

II am trying to produce a report of invoice by client with the issue date, payment due and actual paid date , sorry should have been more informative - so i can work out days to pay and how many days overdue

No problem. Unfortunately a report for that data doesn’t exist at the moment.

The closest we have is the client statement, historical debtors/credits report (UnderReports > All Reports), or the payments list (Sales >> View all Payments)

the debtor report dont show the history of late payments on current debt?

Payments in sales dont show date of invoice issue only payment date, can sort by client but thats it , dont you think the payments in sales might benefit from invoice dated/sent ?

@pelican - you’re welcome to start a #feature request for a new report type if you wish and we’re happy to monitor the interest in this going forward.

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