Im struggling to work out a report i need. Ive reviewed the community and cant fine exactly what i need.

So i have invoices that go out with an Item - hosting. I want to run a report to see all the invoices that go out monthly with that Item, firstly is that possible?

I also thought i could add a sales category, so i created a new account and called it hosting sales , ive assigned to just one invoice to test, but under the custom report i can only see the value, i would like to see the clients name also, is this possible?

Ultimately im looking to get a list of clients that host with us and the values monthly. What would be the best way to tackle this.

any help wold be great. Thanks

Hi @Ghiggins

If you used a project tag for hosting you can run a report for this project? Projects in QuickFile

This may work for you?

ideal, this will do, thanks

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