Reporting on dates


I want to use in the interim QF as a rather crude CRM until the integrations are in place with QF (how long and which CRM is this looking like?) but are you able to tell me how I can report on dates that QF captures already?

I want to capture (and be able to extract) when a customer is added to the system, when that customer is quoted and then when that customer is converted to an invoice and subsequently then pays (data that I can already see anyway)

Would you be able to help me out on this with a report to do this if possible? I am trying to keep using your system as i really love it but under heavy pressure to move to Xero to pay for the accounting then pay for one of the many add-ons which i think really is overkill for what we need.

Effectively I want to be able to put this raw data into a spreadsheet so that I can monitor conversion dates, when leads drop out etc. Even factoring into this “last client activity” so when they lastr logged on etc.

Can you help?

This is quite a complex set of features and it’s unlikely that any comprehensive custom report will appear to cover this any time soon. Mainly because it’s not a common use-case scenario, I haven’t heard of this requirement from other users as yet.

I do have two suggestions for you:

  • Have a play around with the API, I’m sure you can harvest this information from within the API which has a rich set of methods you can use to query the data.

  • Have you tried requesting an account backup, it may help with some aspects of the data you need.

Another area that we may look at in the future is WebHooks, this will call certain custom URLs when specific events happen allowing you to build custom reporting tools. WebHooks and the API side will require programming experience to fully exploit but they do provide a very good interface for these kinds of reporting scenarios.