Reporting Vat Manual adjustments

I am changing over from Sage. Our company runs two sets of accounts for two different type of businesses, in sage I add manual adjustments for the other business and it reports the total, it works well.
Before I started I checked the quickfile vat report and saw you can add manual adjustments and presumed it was similar, but that does not work, any help on how to amalgamate them for filing to HMRC will be appreciated.

“Does not work” in what way? I’ve successfully added manual adjustments to returns under both the old system and MTD and it works fine.

However it would be more usual to keep one set of accounts for one legal entity, you could use multiple trading styles and/or project tagging to separate out the different parts of the business for reporting purposes.

Many thanks Ian. After adding the manual adjustments I was recalculating expecting it to add the together as in sage, but that reset without the adjustments. I now see how it works, that’s great if the combined figures are submitted to HMRC.

Just be careful an check with your accountant as to whether this approach is compatible with MTD - while you are allowed to make certain types of manual adjustments (partial exemption, etc) many things are required to be a “digital link” rather than a manual transcription of numbers from one place to another. If you’re combining two sets of sales and purchase records into one return it may be that rather than having QuickFile calculate one directly and then manually transcribe the other set as adjustments, you actually have to download the two sets into Excel, calculate the combined numbers in there and then upload the result to bridging software (which could be another QuickFile account) to satisfy the digital link requirement.

Sounds more like multiple trading styles would be a better fit. The VAT returns will automatically calculate the totals from all trading styles so no manual adjustments wouldn’t be necessary.

Interesting, I will have a look at that.
Many thaks

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