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When I run Chart of Accounts report, none of my wages or salaries are included. They are also missing in the P&L Report too.

Can you advise please as cannot determine profitability or corp tax liabilities etc etc?

Many thanks


Hi Kevin,

They should be appearing on there. Can you confirm that you are looking in the correct period please (e.g. an accounting year with wages paid).

For reference, they should appear under overheads:

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They are all missing Glenn.

Also, we are tagging the bank for salaries and can only o back a few weeks, how do we go back a full year etc? Thanks in advance

Hi @KevinWright

Have you got this box ticked?

Are you looking in the correct time period too?

I’m not sure what you mean by being able to go back a few weeks either. Are you able to clarify where you’re referring to please?

p.s. I’m not Glenn :wink:


Sorry. :flushed:

I cannot see the box you are referring to, but I can only see transactions in the bank tagging that go back approx 5 weeks, i have a whole year to catch up on. :smiley:

Let me start from the beginning, see if that helps :smile:

When you enter a bank payment, you click on ‘Tag Me!’, and select ‘Salaries or other drawings’

Fill in the details, and save:

Then, your Chart of Accounts (COA) will look like this:

Note the tick box at the top of the screen:

Your P&L will look like this:

For the Payroll process to be complete however, you would need to create a few journals. Take a look at @Joe’s post, which is useful:

However, one vital thing that I should have asked - are you a sole trader? If so, you would tag them as drawings (same as the first and second screenshot above), but these won’t appear on your P&L, but will be on your COA, under a different nominal:

Hope that helps!

I have done all of this, but they do not show up on my reports?

I also cannot tag salaries/wages any further back than October?

Are you OK for me to log into your account and take a quick look? I’ll send you a request now.

as you can see, there all blank. I have posted wages and directors wages

Its the Able Timber account Mathew

Hi Kevin,

I’ve sent you a private message to get some more info off you

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