Resend Customer Login Details

Is there a way to re-send a customer their log in details?

I think the only way to do this would be to reset the password and resend the email that way.
If you go into the client and select the contact you wish to send the password to, change change it and tick the ‘Email login details to the client’:

Thanks for your reply, but when you go into an existing client contact all I can see is the option to change their password but you need their old password to change it. For now I have deleted the client contact and added it again which gives you the option to e-mail it out to them, but it would be easier if you didn’t have to do this

That’s strange. The image is actually from an existing contact, I’ve just painted white over the top of name and email address.

I’ve tried another client to see what happens, and I have the same screen:

May be worth you posting a screenshot of what you see (without names etc)?

You don’t need the original password as an Admin to change a client password.

Also clients can reset their passwords from In general clients rarely need to know their login credentials as whenever you send them an invoice or statement they will be able to get straight it from the link.

Thanks both - was looking in the wrong place - and as the first screenshot showed “Add new client contact” I presumed you were adding a new contact not amending an existing one - thanks again

Sorry @Stuarth - didn’t mean to confuse you! Glad you got it sorted though!

No need for apologies - I am just appreciative of such a quick resolution to my query :slight_smile:


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