Resetting the Bank Feed Balance?

I deleted a account i used for paypal this caused a ever increasing set of problems, firstly it marked load of sales as unpaid and emailed customers who had paid via this method.

The dashboard then told me £XXX was owed to me and I owed £XXX, GRRR, I decided to mark them back as paid in an attempt to get my barclays bank feed balance back sitting at the correct amount. this made the balance further out, so i thought i would modify my opening balance to correct it from the start of April; long story short is there any way to roll back the system or enter a new balance to get the the bank feed balance the same as my actual bank balance?

I thought there would be an easy restore or system roll back from the auto back ups i receive via email but cant find a thing

Deleting entries on the bank will not delete the underlying invoice, so any such invoice will be marked as unpaid, hence the changes to your dashboard totals. If you go the other way around and delete the invoice first this will automatically delete any attached payments, just for future reference.

It looks like you also have auto-send reminders switched on, which would have triggered the overdue reminders for those unpaid invoices. I would strongly urge you to switch this off to prevent any such recurrence.

There is no restore feature in QuickFile (as with most cloud accounting systems). However you can get the dashboard totals straight by deleting the invoices.

You could then re-import your PayPal entries from a CSV and re-tag.