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Restore default CSS design

Hi folks when I first started using quick file a few years back you helped me create a custom CSS file to hide my logo etc as I was using letterhead paper.

I have now decided not to do this as it required additional work by me to send invoices. I have just purchased a power subscription to try to remove this but I’m unable to see any custom CSS. Could you help me reset the account design style to the default?

Many thanks, Jayson

Hi @Jaysong

When you preview an invoice, you’ll see a green “Invoice Style Gallery” in the top left corner:
If you click this you will see a selection of different templates to choose from. Just pick one, customise it if you wish, and that should be done for you :slight_smile:

Any problems, please let us know

I’ve just found that dropdown option, but thank you for the quick reply showing me the solution :slight_smile:

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