Restore deleted credit note

My sales are produced on a vet program where they are linked to clinical notes. I import them using a csv file but when I put negative numbers in for credit notes the import fails so I have been entering credit notes manually and they have been following the same numbers as those on my vet program. Today I entered credit note 61 but accidentally deleted it when I mistakenly detagged the payment in the adjustment account. I tried to tag it and it raised another credit note number 62 so now my numbers are not matching - What can I do?

I think if you view the deleted credit note there is an option to reinstate it.

Unlike invoices there’s no restore option for credit notes. When you delete invoices or credit notes in QuickFile they simply get marked as deleted (rather than physically deleted), thus maintaining an audit trail. You can still see them on the main invoice list when you click show “deleted” in the bottom right.

I would stick with whatever the next number is in the sequence for credit notes, it’s just an internal reference.

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