Restore deleted data


After using the bank feeds (Santander) the dashboard in Quick File should that I owed over £4000. I wanted to start over, so deleted everything. Stupidly I didn’t take a backup. Any chances of having the data restored?

If you used the account wipe procedure then I’m afraid there is no way to restore the account as the records are physically and permanently deleted.

Hi Glen, thanks for the quick response. I did see a similar question that you answered which suggested it could be restored.

“There is no rollback facility in Quick File. In many cases however even when items are deleted they can still be accessed and restored. This certainly applies to all invoices and purchases. What exactly are you trying to restore?”

It depends how you deleted the data…If you used the above account wipe tool, there’s no way we can restore.

Damn, that’s exactly what I did. OK. to fix this would it be possible to import my bank statements and then manually recreate the invoices?

Yes that would definitely be the quickest way! There’s a guide here that I think will help you:

How to do 3 months of bookkeeping in 30 minutes

Many thanks. I did this before but the dashboard showed that I hadn’t paid any of my bills. I obviously did something wrong. My logic was that I just wanted to delete the statements, but stupidly I deleted all of my invoices as well. Doh!

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