Restore deleted purchase in locked period

I accidentally restored a deleted purchase invoice , which related to a period which has been long locked. I do not understand why this invoice has been restored successful in a locked period… The problem is however, that it doesn’t allow me to go back to deleting it… because it’s in a locked period and the system asks me to delete all end of year journals going back to 2014 in order to make any changes.

is there another way around this please?

Hi @socialmedia

I’ll certainly pass this over to our development team as this shouldn’t be allowed - thank you for letting us know.

I’ll ask one of them to investigate the deletion issue too and come back to you with the best way forward.

thank you. The P&L and balance sheet all have changed for the locked period. I’ll wait in case there is a solution before I delete the year end journal and re-process the same to correct this error.

@socialmedia - Would you kindly provide me with the invoice number that’s been restored in the located period please?

We can amend the date on this from our end if you wish so it’s not within the locked period. This would give you the option to delete or amend it.

DATE: 31/07/2015

thank you

All done for you! This is no longer in the locked period, so you’re free to edit or delete it :slight_smile:

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