Restore from back-up file

Hi, I’ve been using Quickfile for around 18 months. I am moving from one accountant to another. I have a back-up file but I can’t figure out how to import the entire accounts. I can import by sales invoices and purchase invoices etc i.e. one at a time but when I do this I’m presented with error messages, which is strange as minutes before I back-up from the original accounts, so there should be no errors i.e. from one set of Quickfile accounts into another set of ‘new’ blank Quickfile accounts.
All help greatly appreciated.

I’m afraid there is no restore from file option in QuickFile, there is an explanation here. However, why do you need to move from one QF account to another when changing accountants? You could just add your accountant as a user.

Thanks Glenn, so the back-up isn’t an entire back-up and restore? My existing accountant set the account up for me, it’s got their logo at the top of the accounts, therefore does the data belong to them? Do I need to rely on them handing over my data to the new accountant? My worry is he’ll delete the lot and leave me without my figures.

It really depends who the admin user for the account is. Logging in as the admin will give you full control over which users can access the account and will allow you to disconnect the agent account if required. It’s probably worth discussing this with your accountant, they will be able to inform you in regards to the email address to which the admin user is assigned.

It sounds like they may have an Affinity account and have simply created you with a new account on their platform. This isn’t necessary, as you already use Quickfile all they need to do is add your existing account to their Affinity platform which will leave you as admin in full control of your data but also give them full access.

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