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Hi there, I have a backup of my QF account every month. I have deleted quite a few transactions and would like to use the BackUp zip file to restore. I cannot find a way to do this, I have searched the forum and seen some questions on this from 2016 and older. Surely there is a restore from backup function. Otherwise why offer a backup system?
If not can you advise on how I restore my accounts with the deleted transactions? so that it is like before and they match up with the sales invoices? as these are locked from previous VAT periods.


Hi John_Hunter,
You could use the Data Import Wizard (Account Settings>>Data Import Wizard)

Thanks for the reply, yes I saw the import wizard. But this does not do what I need.
Has QuickFile created a data back up wizard but not a data restore wizard? As what is the point of having a backup if you cannot ‘restore’? If I use the Data Import Wizard it will just pull everything in separately and everything will need tagging again.

The QuickFile backup is more about making sure your data is not “held hostage” in one package - it’s either to give you the detail you need if you want to migrate to another platform, or just to use as a long term back up of your accounting data in simple CSV format that you can use as your “preserve for 7 years in case HMRC come calling” even if QuickFile went bust.

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OK, thanks all, I now understand. It would still be good to have this functionality and I am sure others would agree?

If there was errors done on an account would QF be able to be contacted and asked to roll back to a date where it is backed up on AWS. I see this is done daily on this page Backups

is this possible and how would you contact QuickFile?


Hi @John_Hunter

You would contact us on these forums. We’re quite active on here and respond to most posts within half-hour during working hours.

The backups you refer to are for uploaded documents. We do take backups of accounts too, but all of our backups are for disaster recovery and can’t be reinstated on a single account. For example, if in some unfortunate scenario our database became corrupt, we would use the backup to get everything back up and running.

Hope that helps.

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