Restore Profiles on Affinity

Hi are you able to help me restore the profiles to my affinity account? I was away on honeymoon and it only gave me 7 days ( i was away for 3 weeks ). the profiles are all in my billing history but I can’t remember all the emails and passwords to request them individually and I’m running out of time for vat returns. Please help x

Hi. I think support has to do this tomorrow.

Hello @janewhite1971

I have reattached the profiles for you as per your support ticket

My bank details needed changing while i was on honeymoon. The email gave me 7 days but I was away for 3 weeks. I changed my payment method as soon as I was home but now I can’t see any of my accounts, can someone help? All the detail is still on the billing account but I can’t see the emails I’ve used to set my clients up

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