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Restore top logo when accountant takes over

How do i Restore top logo when accountant takes over? I’m on my quickfile and their logo is on the top left. I don’t want that. I’ve removed them from the users.

Hi @tom_44

Unfortunately it’s one of the features of Affinity. The accountant/Affinity account holder can change parts of the interface for the attached profiles such as the colour of the navigation bar, the logo etc.

yes, and i’ve removed their account user on my account

Is your account still attached to their profile? This would appear under ‘Team Settings’:

i’ve deleted them because i dont want them

Ok. But is your account still linked to their Affinity account? If you go to ‘Team Management’, do you see a box like the one in my screenshot above?

If you don’t see a box, if you can log out of your account, and log back in, that should put everything back to normal :slight_smile: