Restricted Team user can delete nominal accounts

I am setting up team members for the management committee. In carrying out some testing I created a user who has all options restricted other than the reports access.

However, when this user access the reports menu and goes to the chart of accounts, the user can delete an account. I suspect that this is not intended. INdee, I would expect account deletion to be available to administrator users only.

Please advise.

The chart of accounts is a type of report with some extended controls for creating and deleting nominal codes. We’d need to consult on whether to remove these functions as I’m pretty sure if we reserve this only for admins it will cause problems for a number of our users. I’m open to any suggestions here, it may be necessary to create a new restriction entirely for locking this down.

Hi Glenn, very many thanks for your response.

Let me start by saying how very useful I find Quickfile. I feel sure that this will become a leading accounting system.

Putting on my ‘Chartered Accountant’ hat on for the moment, the ability to create and remove accounts is often regarded as a key control that should only be made available to administrators. It would seem anomalous to me to be able to lock out making changes to banking’s from a user only to enable them to delete accounts to which transactions had been tagged. I would consider that, for a user who only has access to reporting - by implication a ‘read only’ function, then the ability to delete accounts seems an obvious candidate to deny such a function.

This will not cause me a problem however : I am using the system for a club account and had planned to give visibility to the whole committee. Given the potential for someone to delete accounts however, I might just give visibility to certain members of the committee (i.e. to ones that won’t dabble)

Once again, my congratulations on an excellent product.

Thank you for your words of support, they are very much appreciated!

I do agree that currently some additional control needs to be applied for creating and deleting nominal codes and this should not be automatically assumed by enabling the reporting features. I have transferred this to our development team for further consideration. As soon as I have any additional information on this I shall report back.

Thank you for the feedback!

Just to let you know we’ve now implemented an additional control in the privileges dialogue box Create or delete nominal accounts

Excellent Glenn, very many thanks. MIke