Restricting Affinity users to only access specific accounts

Before I go ahead and register for an Affinity account, I wanted to check if the following is possible.

I have 4 businesses and my self employed business that I want to add to my affinity account.
I would also like my business partner to have access to the affinity account, but only see the 4 buinesses accounts and I do not want him to be able to access my self-employed business accounts.

Is this possible?

Currently there is no way to restrict specific team members in Affinity from accessing specific accounts. I’m afraid the only way to achieve what you suggest would be to keep your own self-employed account out of Affinity.

We may look at adding this sort of filtering later if is something that will benefit users.


We now have a solution for you here…

In the team management area in Affinity you can select individual team members and explicitly set which accounts they can access.

See the following guide for more information:

Restricting Access in Affinity

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