Retrieve deleted invoice

I can retrieve all deleted invoices apart from 000001 that i urgently require a copy of. Can you advise?

Within the main list of invoices look in the bottom right for the following options and click ‘deleted’:

You can then select the ones you want to retrieve and hit the ‘Restore selected’ button.

thats what i am doing but 000001 is the only one that I can’t get back for some reason?

sorry 00021 - the invoice was originally to one client who then changed to another (two directors with separate businesses Ltd companies fell out so I had to re-issue all the old deleted invoices – we only started testing with your system in Nov-13 and deleted any invoices raised prior to that date stupidly at the time!

I need to retrieve the original itemised invoice - but at present it just refers to the summarized line item of – SiteWrights, Macs Diner in the description; which is not what was stated on the original invoice.

There are about 30 deleted invoices on your account. I found invoice 00021 and restored it for you. There’s no itemised information on this invoice, just a basic description. Deleting the invoice wouldn’t have removed this so I can only assume it wasn’t that invoice where you added the detailed itemisation in the first place.

hmm ok that is very odd. Appreciate you looking at this for us