Retrospectively claiming VAT


I just realised that all the Royal Mail postage claims I have made in the past for tracked services have been flagged as non vatable, when in fact they are all vatable. I can easily workout the amount of additional VAT I need to claim in the next submission. However, I do I account for this now that all the previous invoices tied to historical submissions have been locked?

Hello @dipens

Depending on the amount, you could add a manual adjustment on your next vat return.

Thanks Steve for the info

How do you know if theres vat on them? I was always told royal mail postage was exempt. Be handy if there was vat to claim back

Depends on the service you are using. Tracked 24/48 and some of the special delivery services (not basic one) inc VAT

Came in to force in 2010 I think.

Thanks. Thats really helpful. Appreciate you taking the time to post the link.

The slightly facetious response would be “if the receipt/invoice says so”. Ultimately that’s what matters - if you don’t have a VAT invoice or receipt that shows the VAT then by definition there’s no VAT you can claim.


The receipts from the post office usually specify the VAT rates, be it exempt for 1st and 2nd class or standard rate for special delivery.

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