Return due in xx days


I’m getting the “Return due in xx days” show on my dashboard. As my accountant with be filing my return with their system then how do we clear this message once it has been done, without using the Quickfile filing service?

Bitsolver Limited

It will clear automatically within 24 hours of your filing it. QuickFile automatically syncs with Companies House to get the current filing status on your company.

Hi Glenn,

Ok that’s great.

Many thanks.


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After Submitting payment for extra period charges, how soon will this be looked at?

I submitted payment on Saturday, and also sent messages to Joseph via direct messages but not been opened or replied to.

Thanks for the assistance

@kazam_bokhari I’m not directly involved with the accounts provisioning side. However Joseph is working through cases at the moment on the basis of filing deadlines. I just mentioned this to Joseph and he informed me that you should be hearing back in the next few days.

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