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Reverse Charge on Services from EU

I read many posts but still a bit confused about services reverse charge.
Previously I ticked “Reverse charge” and put 0vat - and on VAT return I made adjustments (after advise of my accountant who doesnt know how it quickfile works now)

My supplier is Poland transport company which deliveres my goods from Poland. They are VAT registered in Poland. Postponed Vat on goods I understand but I have 3 question on services (delivery):

  1. I understand I tick “Reverse Charge for Services” and what VAT rate should I put 0 or 20?
  2. Do I need to make any adjustments to VAT Return or QuickFile will do it authomaticly?
  3. SHould my Supplier be VAT registered in UK now?


  1. You put whatever VAT rate you would have been charged by a UK supplier supplying the same services in the UK
  2. It should happen automatically
  3. I don’t think brexit should have made any difference here, the general rules on B2B services have never distinguished between EU and non-EU suppliers, they have always applied equally to purchases of services from any supplier outside the UK

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