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Reverse Charge UK Suppliers

We purchase certain products from UK suppliers whereby buyer accounts for the output tax. To get our VAT returns right we would set up the UK supplier as it they were in EU & then use reverse charge functionality to account for VAT. The EU boxes were later manually adjusted to deduct the values as they were not actual EU purchases, but did the job of accounting VAT correctly.

I was wondering now that EU purchases will not be reverse charged, then how to reverse charge these UK suppliers ? From the discussions the second part of deducting amounts from EU Purchase box seems to have been resolved as EU purchases need not be reported separately. But is the reverse charge still possible to do on QF now ?


The reverse charge has never been possible to do automatically on QuickFile before this month (EU acquisitions were possible, putting VAT in box 2 and net in box 9, but never reverse charge with the VAT in box 1 and the net in box 6).

They’ve recently introduced a “reverse charge on services” option under the “additional VAT options” which now does the right thing for the overseas reverse charge, but you’ll still have to adjust to get it right for the domestic reverse charge on mobile phones etc. as those don’t want the net in box 6, only the VAT in 1.

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