Reverse charge VAT

Does anyone know if there is a way of doing a statement of all clients for the last quarter showing who has been charged VAT and who has not?

Hi @ewacontrols

The title of your post says about Reverse Charge VAT, but the content of your post just says about standard VAT. I just wanted to make sure I’ve got the correct idea before giving you more advice on this.

Also, I’ve not come across this scenario before, I’m curious what the use case would be for you? Depending on what you need the data for, we may be able to advise you on a different way of finding the data.

You might find half of what you need by reading this knowledge base article

It says When you drill down on the box totals in your VAT return you will be able to isolate those items which have a CIS VAT option applied. When you export your VAT return workings these items can also be distinguished by the VAT code “cisrc”.

So if you export your vat return you’ll see which invoices had Drc applied and which didn’t.

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Our accountant has asked me which of the companies we work with do we charge VAT and which ones we don’t and i was wondering if there was a way of producing a report for the last quarter that shows who we have and who we have not charged VAT?

If you read my reply. You’ll have your answer. Just download the reports for each quarter.

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