Revert to standard Invoice Editor

same here its doing my head in! i haven’t the time to faff with it either just like you :smile:

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I decided to remove the logo/photo temporarily so the details could be seen but couldn’t find how to do that either. Out of desperation I have uploaded a blank sheet as the logo so the background would just be white again. Have now sent the invoices I need to, but just a temporary solution…

to be honest, this issue has really annoyed me, i loved quickfile as it was so so simple to use, even my mum and gran could use it. im not stupid but i find the CSS editor really difficult, im not pixel minded lols, im a cookery teacher! shame there cant be a click and move feature for the boxes. ive got 4 invoices to get out today and i am really struggling :frowning:

ill do what youve done i think and just remove it.

I’ve sent you both PMs to try and help resolve this for you. I’ll certainly try my best, and see how it goes :smile:

phew i worked it out just…
i went into neon, moved the recipients address to right which pushed it left, moved my address to right, changed the width from 305-50 (Just messing about) took a deep breath and clicked save…
the problem i had was that the css window for changing the format was over the invoice so i couldnt see without changing it and exiting the window whether the change was right or wrong, so i winged it, gotta work out changing the colours now… googled html and just replaced anything #00AAFF with the html code for my blue colour

i think this is being made more difficult with 2 toddlers at my heels

its about right for now… phew… im feeling rather technical! lols :smiley:


@cakeinmyface I was just editing your template, so that could have been me :smile:

The cake logo is overlapping the address, do you want me to move this somewhere else or reduce it’s size?

@Sharonmw1 I will send you a private message as I couldn’t locate your account.

yes please! pretty please with sugar on top and virtual cake :smiley:

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i dont mind it being reduced in size or moved im easy peasy

OK I’ve shuffled some things around, how’s that?

much better thank you

this was my attempt befor i just sifted stuff about lols

if im being picky is there any way to get the logo above my address rather than recipient address?

So shall I swap the position of the INVOICE label with the cake logo?

I am in exactly the same place. A perfectly simple and effective invoicing package has now one requiring a degree in computer science to operate! My logo is now overlapping the Invoice Date, Number and due date.

@Xnmedia I’ve fixed that up for you. The overlapping issue can be fixed following these steps for anyone else affected (it only affects squarish logos).

It was a necessary evil I’m afraid. We had to give those looking for a very high degree of control the tools they needed, this has the unfortunate side effect of messing up some older accounts now upgrading.

In any case, we can fix these issues in 2 mins, just let us know.

Thank you very much. Apologies for the rant!

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Glenn can you help me now too please
I have updated and now the word Invoice / Quotation is hidden and its partially covered by my company name and address
I have the standard one but I don’t mind either the impact or Euclid if either iss easier
thanks … yours hopefully

@Joy I sent you a private message to confirm your account details.

Hi Glenn yes this is me .I have 2 accounts one personal and one for the business occupational health advice Ltd. Log on
Its that one that prompted me to update my invoices and the word invoice and estimate needs adjusting slightly, I have tried the editing but not being that technically orientated couldn’t do it!

Sorry to be a pain but would appreciate your help, as I have logged onto this I think its with my private account , its the other one that needs adjusting although I haven’t updated the invoice on my private one yet !!

This is a great system and the support excellent thanks

I didn’t know exactly how you wanted it changing so I nudged it to the left slightly and darkened the grey. Hopefully that’s what you were after?

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