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Revised Inventory Unit Cost

I know I have asked this before but is there an easy way of revising all of our recurring membership fees for this year. The club has increased the fees of all our members and they number over 200.
The item name and description are not changing but the unit cost is. My first thoughts are to blank the description in the inventory and update the revised unit cost. Then trawl through each recurring invoice entering the item name in each with the description remaining intact and the unit cost updating. Tell me this work or can you provide me with a better solution?

Hi @gjwguk

There isn’t a built in way to do this I’m afraid.

Are all the memberships from an inventory item? There may be a way of doing this outside of QuickFile (e.g. through the API).

It’s not likely to update either the description nor the amount. I believe it retains these, but you could certainly try it on one first?

How would you do it through an API?

This is only a theory - I’ve not tested this, but it would involve a custom script to process and update the data.

You would need to get all the recurring invoices (Invoice_Search) and follow it up with an Invoice_Get. This would return a list of lines on the invoice, including a field labelled as ItemID, which links it to an inventory item.

You would then need to update the invoice using Invoice_Create, passing the original ID and new line details.

Bit a long-winded way, and I’m sure there is a quicker way of doing this, but that’s just thinking on my feet.

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