Revoked chrome banking link

I think Ive managed to cut myself off from my banking feed.

Hi @Rogintheshed

Am I right to assume that this is relating to the Chrome plugin rather than an actual bank feed?

On further delving, it would appear that the bank feed is working, with 83 days to run. the current issue is the when I go to my bank statement page, and try to activate bank feed, it offers me another account number I have as an option in the drop down screen.
I’m seriously confused.

It sounds like you’ve authorised the connection between QuickFile and your bank, but not actually linked the bank account to the one in QuickFile.

Do you see any feed details, or is it prompting you to select an account straight away?

I’ve had the connection, working seamlessly for some months now.
Since I had to do the 90 day update, Its ceased to work.( a week ago)

Let me send you a private message and we can take a look and discuss this in more detial.

You should see a green notification in the top right corner shortly.

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