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Revolut Bank Feed Error - Invalid credentials


I have noticed that after I renewed my Bank feed permissions to Revolut early March that the feed stopped updating - even when I clicked update.

I have gone in today and decided to refresh the connection, so I deleted the open bank feed and went to reconnect but now when I click on Revolut in the banks to choose from it tells me Invalid credentials.

Can anyone help??

Hi @RedRiteUK

Are you seeing this error on the Revolut website or the QuickFile website?

Well I am not sure.

In Open Bank feeds I click to create a new bank feed, select Revolut and then it just pops up saying Invalid Credentials. The tab states RevAuth

Are you able to upload a screenshot please (be sure not to include any sensitive information)?


Ok so here are 2 pictures - Step 1 where I click on revolut in the Open Banking feed Step 2 is what I get once I click on Revolut.

Images Removed

Thanks @RedRiteUK.

The error is on the Revolut website, which suggests the issue is on their end. With an “invalid credentials” error, that usually suggests a wrong password or similar.

It doesn’t ask for any credentials/passwords/usernames or anything though. I literally just click on the Revolut option on the Quickfile page and get that. I have asked them to look in to it so will see what they say.

Very strange! Please keep us informed in how that goes - I’m interested to see what’s going on here.

This may mean you’re already logged in, for example an expired session in a different browser tab. Try opening QuickFile in a “private browsing” or “incognito” browser window and try the connection again, that should ensure there are no stray cookies getting in the way.

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