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Revolut bank feed not downloading all transactions

Hi, I recently switched to quickfile as and switched to the Revolut business bank in the UK.

Ive connected to the bank feed successfully. But the issue is, it does not download all the transactions. I have 10 (non pending) transactions, and it has only downloaded 6.

The account balance is also wrong.

Ive revoked and regranted the bankfeed access and this has made no difference.

When I first had this problem a few weeks ago, I did revoke and then reconnect and it added some more transactions, but didnt work this time.

Any ideas? The system is pointless to me if the bank feed does not work.

Quick file does not recursively download transactions. The balance is not fed from Revolut it is a running total calculated in quickfile. This is useful as it allows a quick check if there is a difference between Revolut balance and quickfile you know you have duplicate entries or missing entries.

We just manually added the missing entries from the start of the account which balanced the account as you are only missing 4 records this is what I would do. If it was more than 4 then I would suggest exporting statement from Revolut then importing them in to QuickFile.

I am also having the same problem - after setting up Revolut for the first time it worked perfectly and downloaded all transaction. But no update after that. Refreshing does not do anything.
I removed the Revolut account and added it again. It downloaded new transactions, but again the feed is not updating.

I do not agree with the suggestions by MearTech to manually add transactions. What was the point to pay for this service “Bank feeds” if we still have to do everything manually?

Are there any other suggestions how to solve this? Maybe a manual configuration for the open banking feed?

Thank you.

Hi @support_needed,

Can I ask how many days have passed since you have not seen the new transactions? The feed will not pull in the transactions straight away but wait a day or two until they are cleared rather than pending. Could this be the issue?

Hello @QFBeth,

It has been many weeks, so it’s not an initial delay.

I can also click “refresh feed” and I get a message “No transactions were imported for this account”.

If I remove the Revolut feed, which gives me a message: “Your revolut Feed has been Deactivated! No further transactions will be imported automatically for this account”. Then I re-activate the feed. However, I again get a message “No transactions were imported for this account”.

If I revoke access to Revolut in Open Banking and then go to Connect a bank, then I follow the process to add Revolut. Then I go to Activate the Bank feed. This time (and only once) it comes up with a message: “New Bank Feed” , Select Bank, Select account, start feed from. If I select the date from the beginning of my bank transactions and click Refresh then finally I get all the transactions.

So, currently, I have to Revoke and re-add Revolut every time to update transactions. Seems like a bug, rather than how it is supposed to work.

Many thanks.

Hi @support_needed,

I will send you a private message to get some more information from you so that we can take a further look into this for you.

The day after posting this topic, I had a load of transactions miraculously appear, and it became upto date. But I think this may have happened again as I have a missing one from the 14th October and 2 from the 16th not yet appeared.

Hi @DanGB,

I will send you a private message to get some further information from you

I am having the same problem. The Revolut bank feed used to work perfectly fine until around August. Since then, random transactions are missing, also Exchange between revolut accounts are not imported correctly (eg. the GBP amount appears on the USD bank feed).

Manual CSV import unfortunately doesn’t work either so now I have to add all transactions manually one by one :frowning:

Hi @Bart,

Sorry to hear that you are also having problems, I will send you a private message to get some further information from you

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