Revolut Business & Pro/Personal Feed

Is it possible to connect a bank feed to both a Revolut Business account and a Revolut Personal account (which also has a Revolut Pro account attached)? Currently, all I’m seeing when I go to connect either Revolut account is that I must choose either Personal or Business. Each of these are completely separate accounts with different logins, so why is it not possible to go back and add a second feed to the other Revolut account still to be connected?

Hello @craig1

You can only connect account multiple accounts from the same login (if they are for the same bank/provider).

So for example

Revolut - Only whatever account(s) are associated with one of the logins.

OK. Kind of annoying, but I guess I’ll have to Revoke and Connect between the accounts every 2-3 weeks to keep everything synced.

Is this a requirement imposed on QuickFile by the Open Banking rules or is it a restriction you’ve chosen to impose yourselves (i.e. something we could petition for you to remove as a feature request)? Who decides what counts as the “same provider” for the purpose of this restriction? It seems that you do (or at least did at one point) allow both NatWest business banking and NatWest ClearSpend credit cards as separate connections (NatWest Business Credit Card Feed - #45 by QFBeth), and NatWest and RBS (two brands of the same legal entity) so where do you draw the same provider/different providers line?

Might be slightly less of a headache to connect the business account (which I would assume is 100% business) and import the statements from the personal account and remove the non-business transactions (either from the downloaded statement or after the import)?

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