Revolut Pro

I can’t find any reference to this so I will start a question. Is there any reason why I can’t connect to my Revolut Pro feed in Open Banking? It’s a sole trader account nested in the Revolut Personal app and is not a business account (which I also have). I also use Snoop, and Snoop picked up all my foreign currency accounts and the Pro account. Surely this means Revolut are making this available via Open Banking and Quickfile are filtering it out in some way?

I would appreciate any help in getting this micro-business / side-hustle account connected.

As far as I know quickfile doesn’t filter things out inside the open banking feed. The open banking feed is a kind of 3rd party provider/application and quickfile has just integrated this service. That means quickfile shows everything the bank’s provide.
If your other 3rd party app is able to show your pro account is it because they have a direct connection to revolut or revolut enabled the pro account on open banking. If that is the case then it is maybe worth to delete/revoke your revolut bank feed connection and setup a new one. During the setup you are presented with all the open banking available revolut bank accounts. Is the pro account available on open banking then you should be able to see it during the setup.

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