Revolut - Unable to differentiate account names

I have 4 Revolut accounts - GPB, USD, PL EUR.
I past when importing feed to QFile there would be account name - Revolut GPB, Revolut USD etc.
But now since new update (Open Banking) all account (except USD) have same name, so I do not know how do I select proper one:
How do I link QuickFile GBP account to Revolut GPB if all Revolut account have same IBAN number?

Hi @Bartosz_S

I’ve asked this to be looked into. Generally we output the account descriptions returned to us by the bank, although we will check to see if there’s any additional info returned that can help you to differentiate.

We’re working on an update here that will also display the account currency. In the mean time what you could do is revoke your current consent and then create a new one. While in the Revolut sharing screen just toggle your main GBP account, then you will only be presented with a single option in the select menu you referenced above.

The update we’re working on should be ready by tomorrow.

Just a quick one to let you know that the update is now live (quicker than I expected actually). Would you try to repeat that process and let me know if it’s any easier for you to differentiate?

The feeds now have the currency name! THx for the fix.

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