Ringfenced funds - still a bit confused

Hi everyone
I have had a quick look at this topic

But it confuses me a little…

It says about setting up each donor as a supplier and creating purchases using that supplier to show the money spent but If i am purchasing something from Company A should I not be recording the purchase against Company A rather than the donor or I am just misunderstanding the point?

Could I not just use a project to show the money spent again the ringfenced money?

It also talks about about how to create a new bank account for the ringfenced money and that you need to set the account as the ‘transfer from’ account, but shouldn’t you be transferring the money to the account?

Any further guidance really appreciate as i am just getting used to this system and want to get it right as I have about 6 sets of ringfenced funds that I need to integrate in before I start using the system properly. (Could I just add the funds as an ‘opening balance’ on the new accounts for each ringfence?

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