Rolled back VAT return showing as "Filed"

Company is VAT registered on accruals basis and MTD registered. It has previously successfully submitted MTD VAT returns through QF.

By mistake, I rolled back a submitted VAT return for the most recent quarter. The VAT return is correct and I don’t need to make any changes to it.

In the VAT returns report, the return shows as “Rolledback” and it also has an HMRC ID ( HMRC ID: 195872a0-dd83-42cb-a0ec-15487eb6349f).

If I click on “Create new VAT return” in the VAT returns report, once QF has connected with HMRC, the return shows as “Filed” and I can see the summary filing with boxes 1-9 completed.

From the ID number and the summary “Filed” return, I’m assuming the return has been submitted to HMRC. Is this correct?

Also, do I need to do anything else with the return’s status in QF to allow me to prepare and submit the next return at the next quarter end (June)?

If you disable online filing in your QuickFile VAT settings then you should be able to save a new VAT return for the previous period without re-submitting anything online. Once you have done this, turn the online filing settings back on in preparation for the next return.

If for any reason the values QuickFile calculates for the new return are different from those on the rolled-back one (e.g. if you found an additional purchase dated during that quarter that you’d missed and entered that into QuickFile after you’d already submitted the return) then you will need to make manual adjustments to the replacement return to bring it into line with the submitted one. When you then come to do your next return you’ll have to apply the same adjustments in reverse, e.g. if you had to subtract £10 from box 4 then you’ll have to add £10 to box 4 next time.

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