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Rolled back VAT returns


Hi, I have mad e aboo boo and rolled back the submitted VAT returns. Mainly out of frustration. I have checked HMRC and it has said I have not submitted any returns for 2019 but QF says I have. So by rolling it back i thought I could redo it and it work. I use QF for two other companies I have and done exactly the same thing and they have submitted the same and also show up on HMRC. How do I now submit the returns again??


Hi @ChellePS

What was the state of the VAT returns on your account? They should be showing as “SUBMITTED”, and show a correlation ID from HMRC if you view them. If they’ve been submitted as part of MTD, you should also see a period reference.

Once a VAT return has been rolled back, you can’t edit or re-submit it. Instead, you could just create a new VAT return and submit it again. However, if HMRC have received it previously, submitting it again will result in the return being rejected. You can certainly try it though and see if they accept it or not.


Hi, The reason I rolled it back is because HMRC have said I have not submitted any for 2019. Which I have done through QF because I had the correlation ID. I done the same with two other companies and they are showing as submitted on HMRC. So not sure how its showing up different. I can’t even generate a new return. So i’m pretty screwed at the moment.


If it’s showing with a correlation ID, HMRC have accepted the return. However, it’s worth looking at the bottom of the return too to see if there are any errors. Let me send you a private message, and I’ll be able to confirm the situation with your account then.