Rounding down on sales invoice

Client has asked whether it is possible to specify how QF deals with rounding on invoices.

Specific example is 17.5hrs x £17.75 = £310.625, which QF rounds up to £310.63 (which is what I would do) but clients customer feels it should be £310.62 and is quibbling over the 1p addition to each line.

Is there any easy way to resolve this?

You could use 17.4999 hrs instead of 17.50, or £17.7499 instead of £17.75.
You could also add a second line with a £0.01 discount (use -0.01)

Not sure is that helpful, it’s just an idea to get the .62


Unfortunately there isn’t a setting to specify one or the other, although you/your client can create a #feature request for it, if you wish.

Thanks, I will pass this on :+1:

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