Routine emails - sent automatically?

We are now starting to give clients access to their accounts with their emails and we came across the routine emails. Do the three overdue emails send automatically? If so, when?

If they don’t, how do I get them to send?

Hi @DinahJones

It’s optional. By default, they’re manual, but you can set them to be automated.

If you go to Account Settings >> All Settings >> Credit Control, you have the ability to set “days overdue” for invoices, and enable the automation of these too:

And your options:

If “auto-send” is enabled, then we’ll send emails out in the morning. You can however disable this if you’d prefer to manage it yourself. In this case, a notification would appear on your dashboard:

You can then send or delete selected reminders.

In both scenarios, they will take the default times set in the credit control settings (as shown above). However, this can be changed on an invoice-by-invoice basis too. If you view your outstanding invoices (either from the Sales menu, or by clicking on the ‘Money owed to you’ on the dashboard), you will see a little timer icon next to the due date:

Clicking this will allow you to adjust them, or disable them completely for that particular invoice:

Hope that helps :slight_smile:

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