Royal Bank of Scotland Bank Feed

Dear Glenn,

It’s my 1st post here so I hope I’m in the right category.

Can I please say many thanks to all at QuickFile for this service, software aimed at UK small business is as rare as the proverbial hen’s tooth, and this is good software at that.

Reference your post about halfway down here, my curiosity was well and truly whetted, and I couldn’t help but be tempted to try this out.

I’m not familiar with Javascript at all, but have an active interest in Perl where this topic has been addressed before:
However, that was 10 years ago when the bank pages were basic html, and by the time I started dabbling in Perl the module was already outdated.

Anyway, long story short I now have a working rbs.js (an edit of the natwest.js) which I believe appears to function as planned.

Can I submit this to you to be checked and included in the next update of the plugin?

Kind regards,


Hello David,

We’d be more than happy to include this in the plugin. One of the problems we have is running any meaningful tests as we don’t have a live RBS account to work with. That said, what we can do is give you the source code for the plugin so you can run your tests locally using the Chrome development tools.

There’s a few other .js dependencies that natwest.js works with to push the raw CSV data to our servers. If RBS is outputting the CSV in the same way Natwest does it should all work fine.

Excellent. I’ve modified a few of the common files to get the settings and popup windows to include the new link. I’d need to make an Export button to fit the RBS theme, and it currently uses ‘natwest’ as the origin of the feed as q3 url seemed to reject my ‘rbs’ string.

I have a zip of the current version, can I send it to you for your perusal?


Sure send it over on an email ( and we’ll take a look as soon as we have a spare moment.