Running PAYE through Quick File

Can I run PAYE through quick file and if not are there plans to add this function?

Hi @Sharon_Valler

Unfortunately we don’t have PAYE functionality, and there aren’t any plans to.

However, we do have a connection with The Payroll Site which would allow you to post your payroll journals straight through to QuickFile.

Thanks for the quick reply, how would I post my PAYE info through to quick file?

No problem :slight_smile:

What PAYE information are you looking to post to QuickFile? Would this be the payroll journals, or the actual staff payments, or something else?

Just for the wages plus employers tax and NI to be carried through to my payments and allocated correctly for my profit and loss at the end of the year

The wages can be tagged from your bank statement (click ‘Tag Me!’ and select ‘Salaries & Drawings’).

For the payroll journal, take a look at this topic which shows an example:

With the integration with The Payroll Site, you can set this up to do it all automatically for you

Great, thanks :smile:

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I see TPS looks as scary and web 0.3 as it always has!

Not unfortunately integrated into QF or even web based (wish it was) but take a look at Brightpay free up to 3 employees and as nice as QF to use.

If it doesn’t integrate into QF, what would be the point? I may as well stay as I am with HMRC basic PAYE tools!

Same as the difference between using Excel for your accounts and QF. The actual data you are moving is very little so the added power, functionality and ease of BP may outweigh the data link benefit of TPS.

Hey I don’t care, just trying to be helpful… but “what’s the point”

But at the moment I have to do manual payslips and manual inputting into QF, I understand the system they have recommended will do that for me and therefore save me valuable time, will the one you recommend do that?

Any payroll system (TPS, Payroo, Brightpay, etc.) will do the calculations and generate the payslips and RTI returns for you, which is the big timesaver.

The “QuickFile integration” you get with TPS is simply that it can push the journals directly into QuickFile rather than you having to transcribe the four numbers into a journal by hand (debit gross wages and employer’s NI, credit net wages and PAYE).

Well, not quite all! I currently use HMRC basic PAYE tools, which doesn’t do payslips, hence looking to change

despite your sarcasm, I had a look at Brightpay, looks like a possibility if I can’t find anything that will integrate into quickfile, so thanks.

Hello Sharon

It’s also worth checking out Payroo (, if you decide against the Payroll Site that is.

I’ve been using Payroo for 4 years now for Payroll & P11Ds, and find it very useful. Their website looks less clunky very user friendly and easy to navigate.The system produces payslips which can be saved as PDF files to email to employees, or you can create internet portals for them to view & print their own payslip. Payroo free for companies with 9 or less employees.