Running Year End?

I’m nearly finished Taging a years transactions to April 2018, and I can’t remember if I ran Year End for April 2017 - How can I tell please?

What does running year end in Quickfile actually do ?

Can I produce an accurate set of accounts without running year end ?


Hi @dnph

The year end tool moves your balances to more relevant nominal codes:

When you run the tool we put a lock in place on the account to prevent previous transactions from being modified. There are a few ways to tell if this has been run:

  1. Go to Account Settings >> All Settings >> Account Lock Date. This will be updated to show the lock date of the year end procedure

  2. Go to Account Settings >> All Settings >> Simplified Year End Tool. This will show you the available years. If 2017 isn’t showing, it’s likely to have been run.

  3. Go to Reports >> Journals. When the tool is run, it creates a journal. This is named as “Year end journal - dd/mm/yyyy”

You can to an extent, but it’s common for some movements to made by your accountant before the year end is run.

There’s more information on the year end tool here: Simplified year-end tool

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