SA302, tax overview for mortgage


My mortgage advisor is requesting:

  1. Tax calculation
  2. Tax year overview, showing: Name + HMRC official logo

My accountant uses Quickfile, and I provided him these instructions:

But says on his screen this isn’t available.

Can someone help? I’m a first time buyer and worrying a bit.


Hi @tom_44,

Firstly, what exactly is it that you need? you’ve stated that number 2. needs the official HMRC logo, so I would suggest this is something you would need to get from HMRC?

The link that you have given is for another piece of software which would be why it isn’t working.

If you can let us know what it is you need then we can point you/your accountant in the right direction.

thanks :slight_smile:

Hi, thanks.

My accountant says the ability to show logo on his side isn’t possible.

But as he has control of my HMRC, I don’t think I can login either.

Hi @tom_44,

I can’t help you with HMRC unfortunately but is there something you need from QuickFile that we can help you with?

If an accountant is linked in with clients on their HMRC, can I still get my own user access?

Hi @tom_44,

You will need to speak to HMRC about that rather than QuickFile.

ok thanks. Called them and turns out this is very a very common issue. So they’re now sending me documents in post.


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